We Are Hiring! Konsultan Voice of Istiqlal , Masjid Istiqlal

We Are Hiring! Konsultan Voice of Istiqlal , Masjid Istiqlal

Position Description

Consultant to the Voice of Istiqlal (VoIST), Istiqlal Mosque




The Voice of Istiqlal (VoIST) is an outreach program initiated by the Istiqlal Mosque to highlight the values of diversity, tolerance, gender equality, and interfaith dialogue in Indonesia and around the world.  The US Embassy has given a grant, through AMINEF, to Istiqlal and its main library to develop an "American Space," which will collaborate in crafting VoIST public programs. American Spaces are public diplomacy tools that support U.S. foreign policy goals and serve to connect the world with the U.S. by providing technologically modern and welcoming places for direct foreign audience engagement. American Spaces programming showcases the breadth and depth of American values, ideals, culture, and perspective on a variety of themes. Under the administration of the Istiqlal Mosque, VoIST will also support the Mosque's priorities to empower an ummat that embraces moderate Islam with an Indonesian and global perspective. 


Istiqlal is now seeking someone for the position of VoIST Consultant. The person in this position will work with the VoIST Director to design, develop, implement, and evaluate VoIST outreach to target audiences through public projects, events, and activities aligned with its programmatic goals.  Public outreach activities will mostly be taking place at VoIST’s American Space affiliate venue. The person in this position will also coordinate knowledge transfer to VoIST team members.  


The position is a one-year contract, and the work schedule is full-time, 40 hours per week, working from the VoIST office at the Istiqlal Mosque.  Depending on the candidate's qualifications and experience, the yearly salary is in between Rp225,000,000 to Rp300,000,000. The salary will be paid out of the U.S. Embassy pass-through grant via AMINEF. 


Major Responsibilities

The incumbent will work in collaboration with and under the direct supervision of the VoIST Director.  In coordination with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy Jakarta, AMINEF, and VoIST Director, the incumbent will carry out the following job responsibilities:


  1. Supervise and manage day-to-day operations and programs of the VoIST office
  2. Attend program planning meetings with U.S. Embassy team and communicate meeting results to the broader VoIST team 
  3. Oversee accounting and funds management associated with the VoIST budget 
  4. Develop training plans to build the capacity of VoIST team in areas of American Spaces program implementation, audience development, information technology, evaluation, and project management. These training plans would then be implemented through on-the-job training, coaching/mentoring, and/or instructor-based training (either virtual or classroom-based)
  5. Assist the VoIST team to propose, develop, and execute public programs addressing at least one of the six core pillars of American Spaces programming. These pillars should serve as tools to promote and advance the themes of diversity and inclusion in coordination with Istiqlal and the U.S. Mission to Indonesia’s broader programs. 
    1. Provide timely and compelling information about the United States
    2. Facilitate English-language learning through access to English speakers and resources
    3. Promote higher education study in the United States
    4. Support continuing engagement with U.S. alumni
    5. Foster mutual understanding through cultural programs 
    6. Conduct skill building activities 
  6. Assist the VoIST team to identify and effectively engage with target audiences and maintain the existing VoIST community network 
  7. Ensure VoIST team conducts at least one program activity per month. Programs may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid.  
  8. Assist VoIST team to develop its social media strategy and platforms to promote and deliver VoIST program activities and expand their reach
  9. Assist VoIST team to prepare monthly programming and statistical reports
  10. Provide bi-monthly activity reports covering the following points but not limited to: 
    1. Progress updates and results of program plans
    2. Capacity building and knowledge transfer process to VoIST team. 
    3. Feedback for improvement opportunities 
  11. Build standard procedures and best practices for space management and program implementation (e.g., reporting system and templates, programming management guides, group visit arrangement, contact management, reference service, and research guidelines)
  12. Develop a standard presentation on VoIST for group visits and other outreach activities. 



  1. Demographic background: Indonesian citizen. 
  2. Education and general knowledge: Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree (S1) preferably in international relations, information and library sciences, social sciences, marketing, communications, humanities, English language, or business administration. General knowledge of United States society, culture, values, politics, and policies is required.
  3. Communication skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills in Indonesian and English is required. Minimum TOEFL score of 520 or IELTS 6
  4. Professional background: This position requires a total of at least four years of experiences. Specifically: Minimum of three years of progressively responsible experience in a multilingual, multicultural, or multinational institution (such as a museum, public or community center, or education facility) that provides information resources or American Studies or International Relations content to the public is required. Significant job experience with communications, marketing or public relations duties. 
  5. Computer skills: Facility with e-mail, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel is compulsory. 
  6. Social media and virtual programming: Must have ability to manage social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs. Must be familiar with digital conferencing platforms, such as Zoom. Knowledge of various apps to support virtual-based learning is preferred. 
  7. Managerial skills: Planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluating, supervising, and training are core skills that are required. Must be able to multi-task and meet deadlines set by U.S. Embassy and/or host institution. 
  8. Other skills and attributes: Interviewing, oral presentations, proposal and report writing, prioritizing assignments, able to perform well under deadline, and customer service skills.


How to Apply

Send your application to voist@istiqlal.or.id no later than May 21, 2023. Your application should be written in English and contains:

  • Cover letter outlining why you feel you are ideal for the position with reference to previous experience
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Degree certification and/or transcripts – this is to verify the education requirement. Failure to provide requested information, or if the information is insufficient to verify eligibility, may result in disqualification for this position.
  • TOEFL or IELTS test score certification, taken in the past 2 years.  Prediction test is acceptable.
  • At least two reference letter(s), one from previous employer. 
  • Other relevant course certification – optional



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