VOIST-SINGAPORE holds Language and Leadership Training for Mosque Imams

VOIST-SINGAPORE holds Language and Leadership Training for Mosque Imams

On Tuesday and Wednesday 26-27 March 2024, the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta in collaboration with VOIST organized the English For Leadership, Peace and Interfaith Program.

This is a series of events entitled "3 Days of Holy Ramadan With Singapore Embassy in Istiqlal."

Language and Leadership Training for Mosque Imams was attended by 20 mosque representatives from various regions. All participants were fully present at this activity.

The first day began with an opening ceremony. Attended by representatives from the Singapore Embassy Mr. Aaron, Head of BPMI Headquarters Laksma KH Asep Saepudin, VOIST Director Rosita Tandos Ph. D and all of her staff. The first day's material was about language delivered by Mr. Husayn M. Ali @mr.zayn.ali. This session was guided by Mr. Abdul 'Aziz Abaci as the person in charge of the language training program at VOIST.

On the second day Mr. Aaron from the Singapore Embassy delivered various information about education, the Muslim community and diversity in Singapore. Furthermore, VOIST Director Rosita Tandos Ph.D and VOIST Program Manager, Dr. Budi Utomo, invited participants to make a simulation of organizing an "Interfaith Dialogue," complete with discussion forums and tools.

The second session was about ten principles that must be upheld in dialogue. The material entitled "The Dialogue Decalogue," written by Leonard Swidler, was discussed by VOIST Deputy Director Gugun Gumelar Ph. D.

In the closing ceremony, the Ambassador of Singapore, Mr. Kwok Fook Seng expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the 3-day series of events of the Singapore Embassy at the Istiqlal Mosque and handed over activity certificates to the participants one by one.

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